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A great time was had by all!!

Abbie’s favorite things about her birthday party were: 1. Breaking a Real Wood Board 2. Cutting the cake with a Sword! My favorite part of the party was that I didn’t have to do anything. Mrs. Prazer and her assistants did everything. They kept all of the kids busy! A great time was had by Continue Reading

Chela Best July 22, 2019

Taekwondo training has improved confidence – and leadership skills

Karate Kid Abbie Best, 6, says: “In my first class I was shy. Not now.” And Stephen Maybee, 15, notes that his shyness was helped by the class format: “You always have a new [practice] partner.” This gives kids a chance to talk to new people in every Taekwondo class, Stephen says, which helps everyone Continue Reading

ATA World Magazine, Fall 2008, Page 20 July 22, 2019

Thanks for the guidance and encouragement

Mr. Prazer, Congratulations on achieving your 5th Degree Black Belt! What a wonderful accomplishment. And it’s a great example for the junior students about setting and working toward your goals. Thanks for the great example you give Zach, and for the guidance and encouragement, you & Mrs. Prazer provide. You’re both terrific at what you Continue Reading

Dan & Debbie Johnson July 22, 2019

Always inspiring and supportive

Dear Master & Mrs. Prazer, One of the hardest parts of leaving the area is that the boys will no longer be coming to Prazers ATA. Dylan & Keegan have learned so much since starting your school. You and your staff have always been inspiring and supportive. We feel like we’re leaving a family, but Continue Reading

Andy & Margot Gorman July 22, 2019

A sense of belonging to a group of his peers

Vince has been getting so much more than knowledge of Taekwondo at your school. Vince is an only child of older parents and has had some difficulty socializing within his age group. His time at ATA has given him Self-Confidence, a more profound understanding of rules & policies, an even better set of manners and Continue Reading

Tracy Butler July 22, 2019

Martial arts training can improve ADHD

Cameron Hatfield, 7, used to take medications for his ADHD. But since starting Taekwondo this year, his ADHD has improved and he has been able to stop taking those meds. Cameron’s father, Todd, credits this improvement to the “mindset and the self-control” taught through Taekwondo. (Scientific research also confirms that martial arts training can improve Continue Reading

ATA World Magazine, Fall 2008, Page 22 July 22, 2019

Thank you for your commitment, patience & dedication

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Prazer, Thank you for your commitment, patience & dedication to what I think is the biggest influence to my son outside of the house. I’m positive you are leaving a great experience about Hard Work and Integrity to all your students and us parents.

The Alba Family July 22, 2019

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